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Makhulu Game Lodge & Safaris is a family owned business and is owned by the Vorster family. Please note that Makhulu Game Lodge & Safaris is not a rehab centre or a sanctuary. Makhulu is run as a business meaning that we do not get sponsored and we do not give the public the opportunity to adopt our animals. We have to provide land, food, medical attention and support to all our animals on the ranch.

We have various breeding programs, buy and sell live animals locally and are in the tourism industry by providing guided game tours for day-visitors, accommodation, and hunting sustainably with international hunters.

All our animals are bred in a private nature reserve, on permit, and are kept in fenced camps accordingly to the specs of Free State Nature Conservation.

We do not rely on volunteers to keep our doors open, but would like to give them an opportunity to have a hands on experience of how Makhulu’s daily tasks are done to keep such a business up and running. It takes a special and dedicated volunteer whom understand the special needs of animals and what it takes to run a business like Makhulu. Therefore it is not all fun and games and some tasks may be less enjoyable than others.

Some of the species here are: Lions, spotted hyenas, wild dogs, buffalo, sable, roan, impala, gemsbuck, giraffe, springbuck, warthog, zebra and many more. We have over 45 different species at Makhulu. We have indigenous and exotic animals on the 27000 acre ranch.

The following are some of the basic activities and tasks and are part of the daily running and functioning of Makhulu Game Lodge & Safaris and all volunteers will participate and assist with these tasks.

The tasks may vary from time to time and new tasks may be added.

Volunteer requirements:

Day program: After hour working when an emergency occurs. Volunteers will work 5½ days and have 1½ days off which is their own free time. Satellite TV is available in the lapa. Wifi facilities available.

Cost of volunteer program:

The cost per person for 2(two) weeks is R14 000 and additional weeks are available at R6 500 per week.

Sometimes individuals contemplating a volunteer assignment like this are surprised that there is more to the sacrifice than just time. In the majority of similer volunteer assignments, payment is required in order to volunteer. There are a number of reasons for this:

Volunteers will receive 3(three) meals a day, as well as comfortable accommodation in chalets which they will share with another volunteer.

Breakfast is self-catering and you may choose from cereals and bread for toast with smears like cheese, jam, tomatoes and yogurt as well as fresh fruits.

Lunch and dinner will be catered for.

Volunteers who require a special diet, eg Vegetarian, diabetic or gluten free will be charged an extra R1 000 per week.


In short, we want to cater for a volunteer who want a real African Game Ranch experience including all aspects of game farming and running a game ranch such as Makhulu.

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